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Harkale-Linai's Profile Picture

Artist | Digital Art
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Harkalé Linaï. The legend says that her parents chose her name by picking Scrabble letters, arranging them until it sounded pronounceable enough. But the legend says a lot of stupid things too, in the lines of "fairies exist", "the princess slept for a hundred years" or "the Earth is flat, and the planets are actually big crunchy cheese-flavoured snacks" so you shouldn't trust it too much. I mean, the part about planets is obviously true, but the rest is debatable.

Anyway, back to Harkalé. She is, and has always been, a very dedicated artist. At the young age of 3, she painted her first masterpiece: within a night, she redecorated the wallpaper of her bedroom with very lifelike figures. Of course, some of them had three legs or thirty fingers, but Harkalé lived close to a nuclear power plant, so it kind of made sense.

When she turned six, she went to "school", a special place where they gave her lots of paper to draw on. There, she learned very useful skills: how to fit the characters she drew in margins, for instance. Or math: if Tom has fifteen fingers on each of his three hands, how many fingers does he have? Harkalé Linaï was a very smart child. At the age of eleven, she was already a collège student! Oh, some people may pretend that "collège" is the French equivalent of Middle/Secondary School, but don't believe them, they're simply jealous.

She then turned eighteen, and discovered that her dream job (time-travelling-space-ninja-wizard-painter-archaeologist) was actually no a possible job choice at all. So instead she studied science, which clearly was closest to the "wizard" part of her career plans. And she still had a lot of margins to draw imaginary people in. Then she started her Ph.D., which involved a lot of science (which was great) and a lot less margins (not so great). So she created a DeviantArt account instead!

After that... Well, she discovered time travel, trained as a ninja, and settled on Mars. But she still needs 20-sided dice to cast spells, and she mostly practices archaeology in Uldum... Nobody's perfect!

That's all for today's story, time to go to bed, Tommy! Don't forget to brush your two rows of teeth!


I'm finally making this journal, instead of answering each note or e-mail separately! Sorry for taking so long. So: yes, I am open for commissions, both personal and commercial, for digital portraits and illustrations! If you're interested or have any questions, please comment below, send me a note, or an e-mail (earlinwe at gmail dot com).

Recreate your World by Harkale-Linai     Belladonna by Harkale-Linai     Vittoria Ceretti by Harkale-Linai     Cloud City by Harkale-Linai     Exercices de Style - 2 by Harkale-Linai     The Giant and the Strange Stinging Insect-Thingy by Harkale-Linai


The article is divided into three parts:

I What I will and will not paint,

II Creation prices, where you can find a list of prices for personal commissions, which also are the prices for the designing/painting part of commercial contracts.

III Commercial use of my work and copyright, where you will find some additional details about what exactly can be considered a commercial use, and the corresponding prices.



I. What I will and will not paint:

I can paint portraits, both of actual and imaginary people, landscapes, and illustrations. Fan art is also possible, under certain conditions. If you want to know more about what I will and will not paint (especially if you're interested in fan art), you can find a more detailed explanation HERE.


II. Creation prices:

The prices indicated in this section are those paid by personal commissioners, who are allowed to keep the high-resolution picture for as long as they want, and share it with their friends and family. They can also post it on social media, as long as I’m properly credited, with a link back to my DeviantArt or ArtStation page. I also ask my commissioners not to share my work on DeviantArt, since I use this website as an art portfolio... if they want, I can add their name and a link to their own social media account in the description of the picture when I post it online.

Portraits of actual people: 75 €

Golden by Harkale-Linai     
Self-Portrait by Harkale-Linai      Old Man 2 by Harkale-Linai      Exercices de Style - 2 by Harkale-Linai      Ablaze by Harkale-Linai

So, how does it work? You send me a reference photo, and tell me what style you'd be interested in (by mentioning one or a few of the portraits from my DA gallery). If you would like me to add more elements to the picture, we can negotiate a higher price. Once we agree on the colour palette and style of the final work, you pay me the full price, either via PayPal or bank transfer. About a week after receiving your payment, I send you the final, high-resolution file.

Portraits of fantasy and imaginary characters: 90 – 200 €

Rain by Harkale-Linai      Belladonna by Harkale-Linai      The Lady of Pity-Me is giving a ball.. by Harkale-Linai      Zandalari dinomancer. DINOMANCER!!! by Harkale-Linai      Nando, Prince of Summer by Harkale-Linai

The price depends on the complexity of the portrait, from a simple bust to a full-body painting with complex character design, an extra character, or anything that results in me spending more time on the painting. To give you an idea of what these prices correspond to, you can look at the five pictures above, whose prices would range from 90€ (first one, on the left) to 200€ (last one).

As for the process: you send me some reference pictures or a description of the character, a style reference from my DA gallery, and anything else you may find useful. We then agree on a price, and you pay me half that price immediately. I send you a first sketch, and you can ask me to make some changes. I then refine the sketch we agreed on further, and send you a low-resolution picture. You pay the second half of the price, after which I send you the high-res picture. The whole process may take a few weeks.

Landscapes and illustrations: 150 – 300 €

Cloud City by Harkale-Linai      Elusive Children of Fire and Air by Harkale-Linai     Sailing on a sea of dust by Harkale-Linai      Clear the storms and light your way by Harkale-Linai      The Giant and the Strange Stinging Insect-Thingy by Harkale-Linai

Again, the price can vary a lot, depending on how long I spend working on the painting… The prices of the pictures above would range from 150 to 300€, but more complex pictures (many different characters interacting, very detailed landscape,...) could cost more. The number of corrections you can ask me to make also depends on the complexity of the piece. Like in the previous case, we determine the price before I start to work on the painting, and the payment is divided into two halves. The painting process, after payment, can take up to a month.


III. Commercial use of my work and copyright:

First of all, unless stated otherwise, the paintings I share on DeviantArt can be downloaded for any personal use, as long as you credit me, don’t use my work for any hateful purposes, and don’t modify my pictures. You can share it on social media, but if using it is part of an advertising strategy, or results for any reason in you earning money, it becomes a commercial use, and I'd like to be paid for that too ^^ For instance, using my work as a YouTube banner can make your channel seem more attractive, and you can monetize that attractiveness: therefore, it is considered commercial use. Printing one of my paintings as a greeting card for your grandmother is personal use; but also printing a hundred of these cards and sending them to your business partners is definitely commercial! If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask me.

If you want to use my work for commercial purposes, whether it’s a commission made for you or an already-existing piece, you need to pay an extra fee. The exact amount of money is determined by a lot of factors, including the intended use, how long you wish to be allowed to use that picture, how many copies of it you’ll make, whether or not you want to have the exclusivity of use for that picture, and for how long,…

As an example, a base price for the book cover of a young author self-publishing their first e-book would be 100€, on top of the creation costs. But a big company using my work for a worldwide marketing campaign would need to add at least two zeros behind that number. At least. That price can vary a lot, but don't worry, it can also be negociated!


Exercices de Style - 3 by Harkale-Linai      A Peaceful Heart by Harkale-Linai      The Fate Weaver by Harkale-Linai      Banana yellow, blue bandana by Harkale-Linai      Night and Dawn by Harkale-Linai

That's all! If you have any questions, or think that something is missing in this guide, don't hesitate to tell me :)

Due to the large number of people reacting to my self-portrait by calling me "beautiful" or even "hot", which at this point can't be explained by my mom having multiple accounts on DeviantArt, I must take the only reasonable course of action and join the Miss Universe beauty pageant. I'm reasonably sure I'm prettier than most people living on Mars, Saturn, and in the entire Andromeda galaxy, so I have my chances. Wish me luck!
As you may have noticed from the rest of my gallery, painting portraits is something I enjoy very much. But I never dared to paint a self-portrait before, because it seemed so much harder to draw not just any face, but my own... Besides, it's always easier to paint people with perfect proportions, a distinctive feminine or masculine face, instead of a more realistic, less symmetrical face.

So, I was a bit afraid of the challenge... but surprisingly, everything went well! I had a lot of fun with colours and edge contrast. And the result looks like me, which means that my friends and colleagues now know for sure that this DeviantArt account is, indeed, my own... and anyone knowing me from the vast interwebs can now recognize me IRL. And throw rotten vegetables at me.

...please don't throw rotten vegetables at me, internet-people, I have glasses!
Cloud City

In Cloud City, the computers of the control tower follow a very strict procedure for the evaluation of incoming flying objects: 
A: is it a bird? 
B: is it a plane? 
C: is it a flying man with a dubious fashion sense? 
Based on the answer, they then proceed to: 
A: catch it and put it in a cage. 
B: guide it towards the nearest available landing runway. 
C: guide him towards the nearest available clothes shop.

Needless to say, the arrival of the H.H.S. Swallow caused a lot of confusion, which eventually resulted in the ship being guided towards a cage full of clothes, in thousands of computers (and a few planes, too) crashing, and in a three month power outage across the entire city. Following these events, it was officially decided not to put children under the age of five in charge of coding the control tower programs anymore, no matter how good they may be with crayons.


I should paint clouds more often, they're so much fun to draw!
The step-by-step can be found here, if you're interested:
Steps of 'Cloud City' by Harkale-Linai

Steps of 'Cloud City'
1. This started as a very quick study (5-10 mn) of a picture of some clouds I recently took... I take a lot of pictures of clouds, they're so pretty ^^

2. I thought it would be nice to add a floating city behind these clouds, so I used the rectangle tool of Photoshop to create these shapes, color-picking from the clouds below. Since the city is further away in the background, the shadow values are not as dark as in the foreground. I also re-worked the shapes of the clouds, to create a nice rythm and make it seem like they're not seen from below.

3. After that, I simply added more details!


You can contact me:
-- via notes on DeviantArt,
-- via e-mail: earlinwe (at) gmail (dot) com
-- on ArtStation:
-- or via smoke signals, but I may misread it as a declaration of war.


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Harkale-Linai Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Ha, tu es la première personne à avoir repéré cette subtile référence à Blake & Mortimer, félicitations :D
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Beautiful work. Love the portrait series. Is it all digital? The brush strokes look so god, I can't tell if it's traditional or not (Not that it matters, everything is so lovely).
Harkale-Linai Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Yes, most of my paintings are digital... a few are traditional, too, like this one:
Memories of a Time Long Gone by Harkale-Linai
...but I'm far less comfortable with traditional art than with digital.
Your own traditional art looks great, by the way!
ChaircarMao Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Nice to see you,I got to know with you via your portrait which was shown on the front page of DA..
And I found that all of your works are quite splendid,and that's why I watch.
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Thank you for your kind words! I hope you'll enjoy my future works too.
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