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Harkale-Linai's Profile Picture

Artist | Digital Art
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Harkalé Linaï. The legend says that her parents chose her name by picking Scrabble letters, arranging them until it sounded pronounceable enough. But the legend says a lot of stupid things too, in the lines of "fairies exist", "the princess slept for a hundred years" or "the Earth is flat, and the planets are actually big crunchy cheese-flavoured snacks" so you shouldn't trust it too much. I mean, the part about planets is obviously true, but the rest is debatable.

Anyway, back to Harkalé. She is, and has always been, a very dedicated artist. At the young age of 3, she painted her first masterpiece: within a night, she redecorated the wallpaper of her bedroom with very lifelike figures. Of course, some of them had three legs or thirty fingers, but Harkalé lived close to a nuclear power plant, so it kind of made sense.

When she turned six, she went to "school", a special place where they gave her lots of paper to draw on. There, she learned very useful skills: how to fit the characters she drew in margins, for instance. Or math: if Tom has fifteen fingers on each of his three hands, how many fingers does he have? Harkalé Linaï was a very smart child. At the age of eleven, she was already a collège student! Oh, some people may pretend that "collège" is the French equivalent of Middle/Secondary School, but don't believe them, they're simply jealous.

She then turned eighteen, and discovered that her dream job (time-travelling-space-ninja-wizard-painter-archaeologist) was actually no a possible job choice at all. So instead she studied science, which clearly was closest to the "wizard" part of her career plans. And she still had a lot of margins to draw imaginary people in. Then she started her Ph.D., which involved a lot of science (which was great) and a lot less margins (not so great). So she created a DeviantArt account instead!

After that... Well, she discovered time travel, trained as a ninja, and settled on Mars. But she still needs 20-sided dice to cast spells, and she mostly practices archaeology in Uldum... Nobody's perfect!

That's all for today's story, time to go to bed, Tommy! Don't forget to brush your two rows of teeth!


More unique and amazing artists! The first two journals can be found here:
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At The Edge Of The Storm by memod        On The Trail Of The Empire by memod       After A Long Day Of Work by memod

memod paints beautiful digital landscapes that look a lot like traditional paintings, so of course, I'm in love with his work ^^ His compositions are always beautiful and effective, with harmonious colours and interesting light...

In The Midday Heat by memod

Kibba by Yliade        Creature by Yliade         Origin by Yliade

Yliade's designs are dreamlike and elegant... Their colours are always harmonious, and the shapes original. To me, the most impressive thing about her art is that she uses Illustrator to create it (that software hates me, and I hate it too :D).

Guardian ~ North by Yliade

Wait, and Hope by Yutaan       A Wyrd Wind Blows by Yutaan         Woven Magic by Yutaan

Elegance is a major characteristic of Yutaan's art as well! She creates beautiful papercrafts of characters, working with fluid shapes and curves, and nice textured papers.

The Happiest Thought by Yutaan

cozy llama by viowl        plant-house by viowl         mecha insect by viowl

viowl has a very poetic drawing style... her illustrations deserve to be in a book! I love her cute monsters, and the stylized shapes she gives to natural or architectural elements.

camp by viowl

Defence by Tareev        Solomon Kane by Tareev        blood magic by Tareev

Tareev's digital work has a very traditional feel, and as a consequence... yes, I love it. Of course. His desaturated colours are great too, and the characters he paints using only few brushstrokes still manage to be very realistic, in their poses, value contrasts, and expressions... which I find truly impressive!

I heard something by Tareev
(fan art of the Malazan Book of the Fallen)

My first painting for the Malazan Advent Calendar, on the Malazan Wiki. She's a very minor character from the books, but given her description, I had to paint her... The style is quite different from what I usually do, but it was interesting. Though it was quite long, the hardest part was probably looking at reference pictures of spider webs (I'm cobwebophobic, if that's even a word :D) on trees. If you're like me, don't google "spider webs on trees", you'll regret it ^^

The step-by-step can be found here, by the way! And as always, critique is very welcome :)
Steps of 'Phyrlis'
1. I forgot to save the initial sketch, but the composition was pretty similar to the final work, except Phyrlis was facing someone (Icarium or Cynnigig, I didn't know yet). It's not visible here, but I went through a dozen sketches at least before settling for this one ^^
2-3. first colours, to get a general idea of what the refined result should look like.
4-5. Now it's time to refine Phyrlis' bark and leaves, using a few different layers (leaves on top, trunk in the middle, background behind, of course ^^)
6. Final refining, on top of everything else: cobwebs, light shining through the leaves, etc.

I don't know how long this took, but since it's different from what I usually paint, it was long. But I created a few interesting brushes, and the process was interesting!
I just changed my username (Earlinwe), I hope it's not too confusing ^^
Dec 1, 2017
:iconharkale-linai:Harkale-Linai has changed their username (formerly Earlinwe)


You can contact me:
-- via notes on DeviantArt,
-- via e-mail: earlinwe (at) gmail (dot) com
-- on ArtStation:
-- or via smoke signals, but I may misread it as a declaration of war.


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